Providing Homes to Wounded Veteran Heroes

Providing Homes to Wounded Veteran Heroes

Having family in the military, including a younger brother who proudly serves in the US Marines, I have deep respect and appreciation for all who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms. Seeing on the news how people in other countries are tragically mistreated and stoned to death for religious beliefs should make us pause and realize that we are immensely blessed to live in a country united by the acceptance of diversity, people, ideas, and dreams. For those who serve, the sacrifice is great; not just for the individuals who wear the uniform, but for their families, as well.

Our most recent guest speaker with the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club was General Leroy Sisco, USA (Ret.), who served 42 years in the military. At our Signature Breakfast, he shared the harsh reality that sending his soldiers into foreign cities to clear them from enemy threats, meant that some might not make it home safely. Without hesitation, his troops would scatter and sweep homes; and sadly, some were rigged with IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and cost the soldiers their arms, legs, and even their lives. Many of these wounded soldiers, then and now, are under the age of 30, in the peak of their lives, newly married and first time fathers and mothers. Realizing the very difficult mental and physical transition back home for these wounded veteran Heroes, General Sisco started a nonprofit, Military Warriors Support Foundation in 2007.

The Foundation provides wounded veteran Heroes with an array of services, including a three-year financial counseling and support program, job placement, scholarships, and most famously, a mortgage FREE home! Thanks to FedEx and our partners, we were honored to present a mortgage free home to wounded veteran Hero, Donald Larsen, and his family at the event. Afterward, Donald and his wife, Melissa, were speechless, tearful, and appreciative. Melissa said, “This home is more of a blessing than you will ever know.”

The fact is these homes save lives and impact generations. Getting our wounded veterans out of hospitals and into their own home with their family is critically important. Join the effort to support our wounded veteran Heroes by visiting or contacting Dave Lieske here in Memphis at 901-604-9709 or

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