Nashville Radio Show: Homes For Homes

Homes for Homes is a non-profit organization that funds the housing needs of the poor and oppressed in impoverished countries. Their heart for this ministry stems from Isaiah 32:18 where God says, “My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.” By providing a home, they are working to preserve families and allow them to raise their children in a safe, healthy environment.

The board of directors is also comprised of primarily of individuals that are connected to the housing industry. Together, they are working to mobilize the real estate community to give a portion from every Home sale transaction for these Homes in impoverished countries. This is the heart of their ministry. But that is just the beginning - if you've been blessed with a roof over your head, you can help them pay it forward and provide housing for these families in need.


Jonathan Harris, co-founder - Homes for Homes and owner of Scout Properties

Mike Smalling, co-founder - Homes for Homes and mortgage lender with F & M Bank

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