The West Institute Gala

The West Institute Gala is an event that brings together glamour and entertainment with the opportunity to help further advancements in cancer care through research and supportive care for our community. Since the war on cancer was declared in 1971, great progress has been made and year by year they continue to gain ground. However, the fight never stops and many will have their lives overturned by cancer this year. Those diagnosed with cancer will rely on new and innovative treatments as well as the care and support from their community.

Challenges range from access to preventive care, lack of transportation, or the need for lymphedema garments to ease pain after breast treatments. Their goal is to keep adult cancer patients at the center of everything they do while offering support programs for individuals who are battling this life-threatening disease. In addition to ensuring the provision of access and research, The West Institute also continues to focus on ways to educate their community about screenings and cancer prevention, close the disparity gap in cancer care, and remove barriers to patients who need treatment.

The University of Tennessee/West Institute for Cancer Research (The West Institute) was established in 2014 to raise funds for adult academic research and patient support. As The West Institute grew, WINGS Cancer Foundation joined forces in 2015 to create the new WINGS Supportive Care Division within The West Institute. To date, over $17 million has been raised for discovery, innovation, and advancement in the field of adult cancer research and patient education, care and support. Their mission includes two primary pursuits: to ensure the benefits of translational research and experimental diagnostic procedures is accessible to their entire community, and to provide social and supportive care services for patients throughout their cancer journey.

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