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Homework Hotline just opened a Shelby County location for Homework Hotline with certified, current Shelby County teachers working it. Shelby County also has its own local number 901-416-1234.

Each year, Hotline completes approximately 10,000 sessions with over 5,000 students and their families.

Homework Hotline with support of generous school systems, corporations, foundations, and individual donors provides FREE one-on-one tutoring to all TN students and parents.

Hotline hires certified and retired teachers in Nashville and in Memphis to help students Monday-Thursday from 4pm-8pm throughout the school year. Teachers are available for all core subjects and can help even in upper level classes like AP History, AP English, AP Biology, etc. They also offer multilingual services in Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, and Swahili.

Hotline has added several other features to further help students and families including: online chat, image share, online whiteboards, and essay sharing. Student callers can also receive prizes donated from local businesses and individuals.

Learn more→ https://www.homeworkhotline.info/

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