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IQuity Analytics is the first and only data analytics solution that can identify undetected, uncontrolled or misdiagnosed autoimmune conditions. Our patent-pending technology can identify autoimmune patients and help reduce the guaranteed risk hidden in most health plans. Combining the investigative minds of immunologists with the analytical speed and efficiency of a supercomputer, IQuity’s analytics solution detects and monitors autoimmune disease earlier and more effectively than anything else on the market.

Autoimmune disease affects 23.5M Americans – it’s right up there with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. These diseases are difficult to detect because they can mimic many others diseases. It affects you or someone you know – these are disease like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s – and more.

Autoimmune diseases are incurable, but can be treated. With early detection and monitoring, patients have the best opportunity to minimize disability and live happier, healthier lives. New technologies to help doctors diagnose and treat chronic illness. Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Use of these techniques can help doctors find and treat chronic illnesses, like autoimmune disease, more effectively.

Lowering the cost of healthcare through the use of cutting edge technologies - Autoimmune disease is a guaranteed financial risk for those who shoulder the cost of healthcare, Self-insured employers and Payers – insurance companies.

IQuity recently launched its platform to help these payers find and fix their addressable, autoimmune disease risk. Currently piloting with customers. Can identify people who have an undetected, misdiagnosed, or uncontrolled autoimmune disease.

This is just the beginning – this platform can be trained to go after virtually any disease.

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