Hospitality Hub of Memphis

The Hospitality HUB is a hospitality, counseling, and resource center for homeless persons and those imminently homeless located in downtown Memphis at 82 N. Second Street. Opening its doors in May 2007, the Hospitality HUB was founded by the Downtown Churches Association (DCA) out of a desire to establish a centralized hub of information and services for homeless persons in Memphis and Shelby County. The HUB is unique in that it serves as a point of entry into the larger network of services offered to the homeless throughout the city. While we are duly proud of our professional paid staff, the Hub owes much of its success to an active roster of volunteers. More than 30 volunteers serve actively at the Hub. During operating hours, 8 to 10 volunteers are present, performing a variety of functions, including serving as intake counselors. Some of their volunteers and two of their staff members are formerly homeless, and are thus able to provide important peer-level support and understanding.

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