Radio Show: UTHSC Go Baby Go!

Go Baby Go was started at the University of Delaware to provide mobility to children with disabilities through adapted toy cars. The purpose of the project is to modify off-the-shelf ride on toys and individualize them to child’s needs. This allows children with special needs to have an opportunity to explore their environment more independently and safely all while having fun! Modifications to the cars may include anything from moving the foot pedal to a steering wheel switch, raising the seat height, adding stability through different harnesses or anything that would allow the child to move!

UTHSC Physical Therapy partnered with the Department of Engineering at the University of Memphis to bring the Go Baby Go program to Memphis. On September 10, 2016, the first Go Baby Go Rodeo was conducted at UTHSC and the selected children showed off their ride on cars which they later took home to have and play with. This was a big step towards helping our local children with needs, and we are looking forward to continuing this tradition.

This year, the event will take place this Summer on the UTHSC campus. Students and faculty from UTHSC and University of Memphis are working hard to make the event special for the kids and their families. Feel free to come watch the Rodeo take place!

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