Nashville Radio Show: Parnassus Books

Parnassus Books is the independent bookstore for independent people located in Nashville, Tennessee. Our shop has been co-owned by novelist Ann Patchett and her business partner, Karen Hayes, since it opened in 2011. (Read all about the start of our store in Ann's own words here!) Parnassus stocks an extensive and exciting selection of books including fiction, non-fiction, children’s, local interests, and the arts. The store also boasts an extensive local author section.

And we’re an online magazine. At a site called Musing, we showcase Ann Patchett’s blog, staff-picked reading lists, exclusive author interviews, shop dog diaries, and more. No matter where you live, if you love books we hope you’ll subscribe, so you can receive all of this, FREE, by email every week. You can also follow along on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, where we post all this content, plus daily behind-the-scenes glimpses at bookstore life.

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