Nashville Radio Show: The Well Coffee House

The Well Coffeehouse - We are a coffeehouse with a bold vision to make a difference in both our local and global communities. As a missional coffeehouse focused on sustainable solutions to poverty, we turn profits into hope. We do this by creating a product you love, serving you with a smile, and giving all of our profits to people in need.

The Well started with a group of friends who wanted to make a difference in the world by putting our faith and love to action. We didn’t feel wealthy and we weren’t coffee experts, but we came to realize, even though we struggled like most people to keep up with our monthly bills, we had been given so much and had so much to give!

As we realized how much we had, we began to open our eyes to other realities that we had ignored for far too long. We were shocked as we discovered how many people around the world were dying every day because they didn’t have access to the basic necessity of clean water.

But people across the world weren’t the only ones hurting. The more we opened our eyes, the more we realized that people in our own neighborhoods were longing for community, hope, and love.

The Well is our way to love the world and meet those needs.

• Our mission as a non-profit to donate profits to build water projects globally, and our desire to address the cost of living for farmers through the price of coffee that we pay
• Initiatives of live music and event space as well as partnerships to bring The Well Coffee and its impact to other area businesses through wholesale, retail partnerships and catering

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