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MyCityRides is a workforce development asset meant to give riders affordable independence. MyCityRides is the first program of it's kind in the country and it started in Memphis. Currently there are nearly 120 Flyers in the program and those scooters have traveled nearly 140,000 miles saving riders nearly $85,000 compared to owning and operating a car.

Our program is an OWNERSHIP model. At the end of their contract the rider owns the scooter and gear outright. Our scooters are bigger than you might think, they are street legal on all roads and travel up to 65 miles an hour, perfect for getting around on secondary and tertiary roads all over the city.

Tonie got into the program to research it as a solution for the staffing company she worked for since transportation the biggest issue their employees faced. When the company restructured and she lost her job, couldn't afford to pay her $400 car note. Her scooter became her primary form of transportation allowing her to take her daughter to school, get her to her new job at International Paper and run everyday errands like going to grocery store. She's seen first hand how the MyCityRides program can allow people to live and travel economically while saving for their future as she puts away her savings for a downpayment on a house.

The standard MyCityRides program is $90/mth for 36 months for a total of $3,240. It includes the scooter, the rider's helmet, jacket and gloves, scooter school, 3 security devices for the scooter, liability insurance and preventative maintenance.

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