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Sisterhood is as vital to a woman as love and oxygen. Too often in our careers, in our families and through our social networks, women are encouraged to compete. For too long we have measured our success and our worth against those around us. Sherica Hymes realized women were not being given enough opportunities to connect on a soulful level in many areas of their lives. So she went on a mission to make a change.

By creating the Total Woman's Summit she has helped hundreds of women find meaning and purpose in each other.

The Summit is a curated experience where women are EMPOWERED through EDUCATION. CONNECTION. and COMMUNITY™. Often described in one sentence as an experience of sisterhood, laughter, exchange and refreshing! You don't want to miss it.

This year's theme is SOAR. We're discussing everything you need and want to know about LIFT OFF from Prepping for Take Off to Checking Your Circle. Our main stage panel will discuss how to juggle competing priorities without losing your sense of self. Relax in our Zen Lounge, get creative in our Social Media Suite and stay inspired with goodies from our Soar & Shop.

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