Radio Show: St. Jude

September is childhood cancer awareness month. Celebrate with us by joining us for The St. Jude Walk/Run Memphis on September 28.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has been saving the lives of children since 1962 when the overall survial rate for childhood cancer was 20% to today where it is over 80%. St. Jude is a Memphis entity with a global reach. All the work at St. Jude is shared freely. Patients and their families never receive a bill.

Additionally, St. Jude shares research and treatment protocols with partners all around the world so children may be treated in their home town. Recently partering with a hospital in the Phillipines where the childhood cancer survivor rate was jsut under 55 since partnering with St. Jude the survival rate is now over 50%. The work is only made possible through donations. The hospital runs on donations with an average doantion of $10. It's amazing so much is possible because so many make it possible. It's truly a work of shared humanity.

We'd really like to ecourage every corporate entity to consider creating a corporate team as a part of their corporate wellness initiateive and to build community with other Memphians by showing up and participating on Septebmer 28, you are telling Memphis cancer faimilies we see you, we are here with you, we support St. Jude and the work of not only saving children but saving families, becuase when you save a child, you save their family.

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