Radio Show: Compost Fairy

The Compost Fairy takes seemingly useless material and turns it into what it’s meant to be – a beneficial soil amendment. But it’s even beyond that. We are an educational resource – a way to teach people about simple ways to reduce their impact on our environment.

We are a 501c3 serving Memphis: free community drop off locations within the core city, supporting community and school gardens. We will always have pay barrier-free services to include the 30% of our population that lives below the poverty line.

Education and outreach programs to create the culture change that supports our increasing food waste diversion rates. Our 5-year strategic plan to have a franchise model in place with the city to provide organics collection service to every part of the metro. We have an official partnership with Division of Solid Waste and will grow that capacity with them. We're on track!

Environmental impacts of composting. Instant gratification and capacity to live those "green values". Food production partnerships: we're developing intentional relationships with local growers to provide them the capacity to grow sustainably and independent of synthetic inputs. We're the other half of the food security conversation that very few people are talking about. Our services. Residential pickup, commercial accounts (restaurants, offices, schools, corporate campuses, agricultural hauling.

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