Nashville Radio Show: Neighbor 2 Neighbor

Neighbor 2 Neighbor is helping to build a network of committed residents and neighborhood organizations across the metropolitan area working to preserve and improve our local neighborhoods.

N2N is working with the residents of 8 neighborhoods across Davidson County who want to form a neighborhood organization. Each neighborhood represents approximately 700 homes and 1,750 people. This will have a positive impact on the lives of almost 14,000 people.
Residents have expressed to us that they are feeling overwhelmed by the rapid development in their neighborhoods and frustrated in their attempts to engage in the metro planning and zoning process. The Planning School is a new initiative of N2N that will equip residents and neighborhood organizations with the tools they need to more effectively engage in the metro planning and zoning process.
 GOOD NEIGHBOR DAY FESTIVAL: Created to celebrate and acknowledge the importance of being a good neighbor and being engaged in your own neighborhood, the Good Neighbor Day Festival will draw over 5,000 people committed to making a difference right where they live.

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