Radio Show: iTN Memphis

Providing transportation to seniors and people with visual impairments who live inside the I 240 loop but drive anywhere in greater Memphis.

The Independent Transportation Network® (ITN) is dedicated to providing dignified transportation. Older adults join ITNMemphis and become dues-paying members of an organization committed to their mobility. When they pick up the telephone to schedule a ride, they are not asking a favor. ITNMemphis is a nonprofit built to ease the transition from the driver's seat to the passenger seat.

  • How does the program help members and their families?
  • Special programs available for members.
  • How do volunteer drivers benefit?
  • Milestones - Recently celebrated 10,000 rides in Memphis since December 2014
  • Are there specific needs? Volunteers especially drivers, board members, grant writers
  • What are the future plans for ITNMemphis?

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