Nashville Radio Show: New Destiny Dog Rescue

New Destiny Dog Rescue helps to reduce the unwanted & neglected dog population in Bedford County, TN by partnering with local animal controls to relocate dogs to receiving shelters or forever homes.

When no homes are found locally, we then pull dogs out of animal control & transport north to our partner rescue. There are great available homes in the north due to their strict animal laws which includes spay & neutering.

NDDR foster homes provides a sanctuary for our rescue dogs while they wait for their forever home. NDDR furnishes all expenses leaving the only task for the foster is providing a loving and safe home.

  • What is NDDR & when formed?
  • How does NDDR work - volunteers, fosters, donations and fundraisers
  • What are funds used for - vetting & transport of dogs to our partner rescue in NJ
  • What does NDDR need ?
  • People to spay/neuter their dogs
  • Donations
  • Tn. laws to change regarding animal welfare & animal abuse
  • Fosters ALWAYS! & volunteers

Nelson's Place the senior and hospice division of NDDR.

  • Promote adoption of senior dogs
  • Provides homes, vet care and love for senior dogs especially those with disabilities or terminal diagnosis.
  • Build a network for forever fosters so our seniors can spend the rest of their days in a loving home
  • Build a permanent facility for our senior and hospice dogs to live and thrive for their remaining time

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