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At Creation Studios, we help you create effective content that makes the world respond.

Why is content important for companies?

The Problem: There are tons of REALLY cool companies out there that no one has ever heard of! And they are run by some really cool people, who passionately care about what they do for their clients.

Why haven’t we heard of these companies/people?

Two things can happen (sometimes at the same time):

  1. The company is just communicating facts. This is common for big companies. Their marketing is more of a presentation of facts. ex. We take photos. … So you want to work with us? NO!
  2. Their message isn’t clear. (Externally… or internally)

This means that the business itself hasn’t taken the time to discover their “WHY” or just isnt communicating it. Either way its a problem. For this… We would love to step in with our process, but another great one that we had to do ourselves is a retreat, where we all got together, read Building a Story Brand, and discussed it for 2 days.

What should these companies do to start engaging with their audience?

Story Brand plug:

  • We actually believe that we’ve been doing this for a long time, but Donald Miller is the first to write about it as clearly as we (all of humanity) know it.
  • The idea is it starts with a hero, who has a problem, and you (the guide, NOT the hero) give them a process to reach success.
  • Grab the book, it’s worth the $13 on amazon.

Our Process: Every company has a process. It just so happens that ours (and the bulk of what I want to talk about) goes like this:

  • Identifying Needs*
  • Clarify
  • Plan
  • Create
  • Enjoy (and have fun!)

When you know the needs of your client, you can speak directly to the things that matter to them. Solve problem they are actually facing… which will, in turn, grow your job satisfaction even more!

  • How can any company start thinking more creatively?
  • (About content, social media, websites, internal projects, etc)
  • So how do we do that?

We’ve got it boiled down into 5 questions that should be answered before producing content… but really this applies to any project.

  1. Who is your audience (specifically) - could be your ideal customer, existing, internal, doesn’t matter.
  2. How will you reach your audience (also known as distribution) - Facebook, Kajabi, youtube, intranet, etc.
  3. What do you want your audience to FEEL when they see this content?
  4. Desired Result (of the feeling) - Safety? Taking Action? Desire?
  5. Who is involved - this is so that every perspective is heard, every decision maker is involved, and the project can be successful.

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