digitalCURRENT Episode 2: A conversation about Ag-Tech, Bloc

digitalCURRENT Episode 2: A conversation about Ag-Tech, Bloc

In the second episode of digitalCURRENT, by eBiz Solutions' Sridhar Sunkara, he sits down with Mark Pryor, as they dive into the world of agtech, blockchain technologies, and innovation at The Seam. The SEAM is the world's first completely online, neutral exchanges for cotton trading and, followed by other commodities have been added to the company's trading platforms. To date, the company has cleared or processed over $9 billion in commodities through its platforms.
Mark Pryor, Chairman & CEO of The Seam
Mark Pryor is the Chairman and CEO of Memphis-based The Seam, where he leads the company’s strategic initiatives including blockchain, commodities trading, tracking, clearing and software development solutions for the agriculture industry.
Pryor was the founding technology director for The Seam when the company began in the year 2000. Under his direction, The Seam’s cloud-based platforms have facilitated the trading and management of tens of millions of cotton bales, millions of tons of peanuts and billions of dollars in trade management and settlements to date.
A self-proclaimed technophile, Pryor began his career in the banking industry with software architecture that led to award-winning Internet and touch-screen banking products; first-of-kind in the late 1990’s. His further innovations in web-based technologies, resulted in the architecture of multi-industry software solutions in use today by agribusinesses throughout the global supply chain.
Mark has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, NASDAQ, and other global news outlets for spearheading agriculture technology initiatives including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.
Mark serves on the board of Agricenter International, is an advisor on distributed ledger technology for the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), a technology advisor for the American Cotton Shippers Association and the National Cotton Council. In September of 2019, Mark was named winner of the Inside Memphis Business Innovation Award.
A two-time Boston Marathon finisher and a “weekend farmer” himself, Pryor and his wife Brenda live in the heart of a farming area 50 miles from Memphis, Tennessee.

Sridhar Sunkara, CEO of eBiz Solutions

Sridhar Sunkara co-founded eBiz Solutions to help their clients' in their Digital Transformation journey through digital transformation consulting, technology solutions, and digital marketing. His passion is technology strategy and innovation. With more than 22 years of experience under his belt, he has been assisting various types of businesses to understand and implement digital transformation for their companies. This helps businesses innovate and build efficient processes, in turn helping their bottom line and paving the way for growth. Sridhar also co-founded and is the CEO of an Internet of Things (IoT) proximity platform company called ThinkProxi

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