Radio Show: Thistle & Bee

Memphis is a geographic hub for sex trafficking and the scene of significant prostitution activity. Thistle and Bee was founded in 2015 to help women survivors reclaim their lives.

Our program has three parts

  • Housing in a two-year residential community
  • Wrap-around services addressing physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs
  • Employment and job skills training in our social enterprise

We pay for this through product sales, donations, and grants.

Thistle & Bee offers women hope and healing through a holistic residential and therapeutic clinical program and employment in our social enterprise.

Thistle & Bee provides each woman services based on her needs. Their clinical program is two years, with aftercare available upon completion. The social enterprise offers the two years of employment at a living wage, with the potential for employment and mentoring roles beyond that.

  • program growth
  • social enterprise
  • vision for Thistle and Bee
  • How can listeners help support the women of Thistle and Bee?
  • What challenges?
  • What inspires you? Moves you?
  • What is your biggest learning?

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