Commercials for Good

Commercials for Good

Johnny Pitts, a lifelong Memphian and Co-CEO of Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance, has become just as well known for “The Pitts 3-Peat” as his business and philanthropic efforts. Anywhere you run into or talk with Johnny – whether it’s in his office, at an event, or out in public – he’ll make it a point to share three things that make the Mid-South a great place to live, work, and raise our families. Some will be “did you know” statistics, others will be “have you been to” features. He’ll also throw in recent accolades, like Travel + Leisure naming Memphis as one of America’s Friendliest Cities.

The Pitts 3-Peat is more than a community calling card, it’s a strategic civic pride campaign. Johnny knows that if he can share three positive stories with three people in three minutes or less, then encourage them to each share the stories with three more, who then do the same, thousands of people can be reached. More importantly, our citizens become uplifted; and become empowered and armed with positive news and stories to share with others.

Imagine if this concept was expanded to reach more people. Well, thanks to our friend and cityCURRENT partner, Todd Lochner, General Manager of Principle Toyota, you’re now seeing a new series of commercials that do just that. You can view the commercials on YouTube by searching “Principle Toyota.” The series is called “Our Memphis Community is a Great Place to Live,” which ties to Todd’s tagline for each 30-second spot. Eight commercials already have been produced; and in each, Todd and one of Principle Toyota’s customers, Audrey, share a positive Mid-South talking point and encourage us to become champions for our city.

The fact that companies like Principle Toyota are using their advertising dollars to produce commercials and purchase airtime on television stations to champion our city makes a statement. More companies should follow suit and use their advertising to promote nonprofits and the good things happening in our city each and every day, so that more people can see the heart and soul of what makes our community so special. So, think about ways you can become a champion for our city by coming up with and sharing your own personal 3-Peat or using your corporate advertising to promote community good. It’s time we all play an active role in building the pride in our city by sharing the good!


Watch / share some of the commercials below and visit cityCURRENT Partner, Principle Toyota today.




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