Radio Show: UrbanArt Commission

UrbanArt Commission (UAC) is a non-profit organization committed to creating opportunities for artists and neighborhoods to connect and shape spaces through public art.

Founded in 1997, UAC worked to establish the percent-for-art program with the City of Memphis, which annually allocates a percentage of the City’s capital improvement funds to public art projects. The ordinance was adopted in 2002, and since then UAC has contracted annually with the City to manage the program. UAC’s management includes recommending projects to pursue, identifying and contracting with artists ,and overseeing the ongoing care of the City’s public art collection.

  • Mission, vision and strategic goals
  • Neighborhood Art Initiative
  • Movable Collection, funded by the City of Memphis' percent-for-art program and in partnership with the Library Services Division
  • Memphis Convention Center renovations
  • South City percent-for-art project by Terry Lynn

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