A Conversation With Nora McInerny


Nora McInerny considers herself an expert on grief. She experienced three major losses within six short weeks in the fall of 2014 — she miscarried her second child, her dad died from cancer and her husband died from a brain tumor. These experiences had a profound effect on her and led to the development of the American Public Media podcast “Terrible, Thanks for Asking.” Through TTFA, McInerny explores tough topics, such as grief, loss, suicide, trauma and mental illness, with guests in a straightforward and humorous way. She’s also shared her experiences with loss and life’s challenges in a memoir, “It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too),” and two other books, “The Hot Young Widows Club” and “No Happy Endings.” In 2015, McInerny founded the nonprofit Still Kickin, in honor of her husband, to provide financial support to individuals and families facing challenges. The organization, much like McInerny, celebrates life and inspires hope.


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