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We help individuals, teams and organizations create and execute their (eIDP)Executable Individual Development Plans, through which they can reach their full potential and career objectives. This inspires us and drives us in our path!

Jasmin NUHIC (pronouced as "yazmin nuhich") :: Professional with proven record of leading departmental and cross-functional/cultural teams that deliver business results with full scope, below budget and ahead of schedule through process optimization, business growth and talent development - both in US and OUS. With over 20 years of experience in FDA regulated industry and vast experiences in operations, engineering, quality management, manufacturing, program management and people leadership. Positive and verifiable track record in transformation, execution and cost management through use of lean sigma, six sigma, and cell operating ethodologies. Published author and passionate about flying as well as airplanes and knowledge sharing.

Background (growing up in the war-zone and post-war country, Bosnia) which shaped my worldview, personal values and drive that I have today Being global (personal and professional experiences within US and outside of US) which helped me appreciate different cultures that I live and work with here in Memphis Publications (my books, talks, etc) related to Professional Development of self and others (based on my two books, "It Starts and Ends with EIDP" and "Leaders Develop First", both available on Amazon), which is also my strong passion and means/ways to give back to the individual and community (in Memphis and outside of Memphis)

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