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Launched in Memphis, Tennessee in 2000, the vision of Visible Music College is unique in higher education. The focus is on creating small, intentional artist communities throughout the world that emphasize growth in three key areas: spiritual, professional and academic.

Visible expanded to Chicagoland in 2014 and Dallas in 2015 as part of president and founder Ken Steorts’ 2020×2020 vision – 20 sites in 20 cities serving 2,020 students by 2020. From Sarah Simmons (NBC’s The Voice) to indie darlings Carolina Story, Visible alumni are on the charts, in the studio and making an impact in the church.

• Starting in 2000, Visible Music College has attracted students from all 50 states and now over 25 foreign countries. Within a Christian discipleship model, students get hands-on professional experience while earning an accredited certificate, bachelor's or master's degree.

• With a focus on global, spiritual, professional and academic success, Visible graduates work in ministry as well as the broader music industry.

• Including the original campus in Memphis, the college offers unique programming in various Visible communities around the country, including Chicago, Dallas, and Atascadero, CA. Visible also works with other worship schools to partner with and train their teams on higher education in music ministry.

• While getting a rigorous education in either music performance, music business or music production, balanced with equal emphasis on spiritual growth and professional development, Visible students are trained and equipped in the areas of music ministry and leadership, resulting in a broad impact on the local community. Students serve regularly in churches, play in local bands, teach music lessons in underserved communities, and get real music industry experience through the college's full-service non-profit record label, Madison Line Records.

A Visible Christmas

• 'A Visible Christmas' Concert is Visible Music College's annual Christmas show, entirely prepared, performed and produced

by Visible staff and students.

• VMC incorporates the plans and preparations for this event into its curriculum, providing both an academic and professional experience for students, as well as a night of festive music and entertainment for the local community to enjoy.

• There will be two performances in Memphis Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the Halloran Centre for Performing Arts & Education (225 S Main St. Memphis, TN 38103), followed by performances in both Chicago and Dallas.

• This year, attendees can expect to hear Christmas favorites and original music from Visible Music College students, faculty and alumni bands.

• As in years past, the concert will celebrate the release of a new compilation of Christmas music recorded and released by the school's affiliate label, Madison Line Records. (Volume 7)

• The event is free and open to the public.

• Tickets can be picked up at Visible Music College (200 Madison Ave.), Second Presbyterian Church Bookstore (4055 Poplar Avenue), or Evolve Bank at Poplar and Ridgeway.

• RSVP on Facebook - Visible Music College.

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