Nashville Radio Show: Barton, LLP

Barton LLP is a leading commercial litigation and transactional law firm with offices in New York City and Nashville comprised of an elite team of former partners of “BigLaw” who have joined together to create a firm that has been recognized by Law360 as one of “10 boutiques that have established brands on par with the biggest of firms” who are “capable of competing with – and beating – the best big firms at the highest level.” Also recognized by Acquisition International magazine as “Ones to Watch: The Best Boutique Law Firms.” Law360 also touted Barton LLP as leading the trend in securing BigLaw partners who are interested in making a lateral move to a firm that offers a more dexterous and desirable platform to practice law. Barton works at the intersection of law and business to provide client access to the legal acumen, business resources and relationships needed for success which is why we say, “Discover Better Law at Barton.” Nearly half of Barton’s attorneys were selected as Super Lawyers in Thomson Reuters’ annual survey of the top 5% of lawyers in the nation

  • Tell us a little about Barton (a NYC firm that has recently moved into Nashville, who we are and what we do)
  • What was the basis for the interest in the opening a Barton office in Nashville?
  • You, personally, have been in Nashville for some time, right? (25 years next May)
  • Why did you join Barton?
  • You and I have spoken in the past about your international work for your clients. How has your joining Barton changed that, if it has.
  • What is it that Barton intends to accomplish in Nashville?
  • Before the interview, you mentioned that Barton is different. How is it different?
  • Obviously, the Barton Nashville office will be the face of the law firm here. Will the NYC office also be involved in Nashville?
  • When Barton entered the Nashville market, it sought to become a Charter member in cityCurrent. Why?
  • How has Barton engaged in its community in New York?
  • How does Barton plan to become engaged in the Nashville community?

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