Radio Show: Memphis Animal Services

Memphis Animal Services offers a wide range of programs & services; including the sheltering of lost and homeless animals, pet adoption and placement, spay/neuter programs, handling of animal control complaints & bite cases, dog licensing, cruelty investigations, public information/humane education, and more.

You took over at MAS in the summer of 2016. What kind of situation did you walk into?

- What have been some of the biggest changes at MAS over the past few years?

- Why don't you use breed labeling? What are some of the challenges faced by dogs that look like certain breeds (Note: we say "look like"

because we have no idea what breed these dogs are--only a DNA test can tell us that)?

- Your save rate year-to-date is 90%? What does that mean, and why is it meaningful?

- What are you most proud of that your team has accomplished so far?

- We've talked a lot about what happens inside the shelter--what about what's happening outside the shelter with your Animal Services Officers?

- What are you excited about for the future of MAS?

- What do you wish people understood about the work you do?

- How can people help you accomplish your goal of never euthanizing for space again?

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