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National Wheelcats is a nonprofit organization the assist individuals with physical disabilities to participate in adaptive sports. From a veteran to a civilian someone old and young, new injury or older injury, from an amputee to spinal cord injury, to a birth defect. From a novice that wants to try out a new sport to someone who is competing at a high level. We have a list of Adaptive sports that individuals can participate in. from Wheelchair Basketball, Tennis, Softball, Sled hockey, Fishing & shooting, Quad Rugby, Racing & handcycling, Water Skiing. we have been around for the past 60 plus years sponsoring athletes to play sports, encourage them to get involved, Educate them to see what else is out there, Inspire them to achieve more than they thought they could National Wheelcats has helped countless number of individuals to get back to living. I am one of them.

Fall-Winter sports are listed first

  • Sled Hockey 4 different teams-(advanced, to novice, Jr team) Our home tournament February 7-9th but will also travel to other tournaments held in other states. Sled hockey follows most of the typical ice hockey rules with the exception of some equipment, Players sit in specially designed sleds that sit on top of two hockey skate blades.
  • Quad Rugby- Full contact sport a combination of basketball and football, it is played on a basketball court it is a sport for individuals who have limitations to all 4 limbs Quadriplegics.
  • Wheelchair Basketball- Practice every Wednesday McMurry Middle School, Nashville, TN
  • Our home tournament Dec 14-15th we will also travel to different tournaments and participate in the National Tournament.
  • Tennis-Tennis practice Tuesday Centennial Sports plex. Home tournament Last weekend in June, we also sponsor our tennis players to travel to other wheelchair Tennis tournaments. The only difference with Wheelchair Tennis and Able body tennis is we are allowed 2 bounces instead of 1.
  • Waterski and Kayaking- We host waterski clinics 2 times a year either Percy Priest Lake and Center hill. We also bring out Kayaks for individuals to come out and try
  • Wheelchair Softball- Spring/summer practice Wednesday evening and on weekend Home tournament in the month of June. Will also travel to other states to participate in tournaments and the National wheelchair Softball world series. Played on a hard surface Asphalt, marked off as a baseball diamond the sport is played with a soft 16” ball that allows to be played without gloves
  • Fishing/Shooting- We sponsor individuals to participate in the PVA bass tournaments. We also host our annual Sporting clay shoot in Nashville the first Saturday in October
  • Road racing & handcycling- Sponsor individuals to compete in marathons

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