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Knowledge Bank is committed to improving the financial literacy of youth and underserved communities. We refer to these groups as “Up & Comers”. Our programs are aimed at introducing new concepts, starting new conversations and teaching life application. We create economic hope where hope may not have existed before and we equip Up & Comers with the tools to adequately and healthily participate in free enterprise.

  • The need for financial education targeted at youth and our solutions. Younger generations are responsible for more financial decisions than any generation before them with greater implications. Yet, there is very little preparing our young people for this monumental task. Our mission is to develop the resources that not only improve the financial literacy of our young people, but to also inspire hope to fuel their unique ambitions. We develop financial education content for kids from elementary school through college. All our educational resources are informed by the population of students which they are meant to serve.
  • Super Money Kid Banks. The Super Money Kid bank helps young kids put money in its place literally and figuratively. The bank helps young kids develop good money skills based on 3 money habits, saving, spending and sharing. The bank includes terms and reminders which make it interactive. And we've recently developed a curriculum which enables schools and youth programs to incorporate financial education for kids within their organizations. We set a goal to equip 1,000 kids with banks by the end of the year and we're two thirds of the way there.
  • The inspiration for knowledgeBANK. There have been 2 events in my life which have affirmed this work. First, my mom was never able to pursue her creative ambitions because entrepreneurship was too risky a proposition for a woman with 3 kids. Second, five years ago, my wife was diagnosed with a form of heart disease which altered every aspect of our lives. In June, she underwent a successful heart transplant and is doing phenomenally today. As we were fighting through her health issues, we were faced with some harsh realities and have conversations that you would not expect at 30 years old. During one of those conversations, we agreed that our circumstances would not influence our ability to live our best lives. My hope is that the work of knowledgeBANK inspires a generation of young people to see beyond their current circumstances and pursue their most unique gifts.
  • Program outcomes. Over the last 2 years, we've helped teens save over $283,000 by designing a curriculum which the students could connect with and helping them understand that the act of saving is an investment in themselves.

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