Nashville Radio Show: Expedient

Expedient helps companies transform their IT operations through award-winning cloud solutions and managed services including disaster recovery, security and compliance, and more.

  • Expedient’s recent investment news:
  • Expedient has secured a new investor in AMP Capital and intends to accelerate our growth and expansion plans from both a physical presence and a solution portfolio perspective. Talk about what AMP means for the evolution of Expedient.
  • Expedient’s recent expansion to Phoenix, AZ:
  • Expedient has recently expanded into Phoenix, AZ, establishing an office alongside a major client cloud deployment, and is augmenting its already robust footprint with national cloud points of delivery. These expansions – including our expansion into Nashville -- are designed to enable Expedient to continue to provide a compelling alternative to hyperscale cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google for enterprises who have applications and workloads that require a more seamless migration to the cloud and managed services options for disaster recovery, security, storage, and more.
  • Expedient Enterprise Cloud as an alternative to hyperscale cloud providers: and
  • Expedient Enterprise Cloud offer organizations the ability to migrate to the cloud without the replatforming, rework, or learning of new skill sets required by a migration to a hyperscale cloud provider. What is the value Expedient provides to businesses in Nashville and beyond?

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