Nashville Radio Show: Monroe Harding

Since 1893, Monroe Harding has been changing young people’s lives. We step in as a family, providing resources for Homes, Healing, and Opportunity, what we call the “H20” that is vital to helping young people succeed. Today, through our foster families and our Supportive Housing programs we provide safe, loving and supportive homes. Our Youth Connections Resource Center is “homebase” for young people aging out of care, a place where they can find encouragement through academic support, financial literacy, workforce development and learn the life skills that young adults need to succeed.

  • What we do at Monroe Harding (foster care, supportive housing for young adults aging out and a resource center)
  • the need for loving foster parents -
  • our new initiatives for young adults aging out of foster care – Works Wonders Career Readiness and the Re-engagement Hub
  • How to get involved with us

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