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Ty Cobb, President, CoreRocka, 1980 Created the sport of Freestyle Dunking while cheerleader at Ole Miss. 1981 The ABC Sports Professional Play of the Year for Spiderman Dunk. Performed in 300 US cities; Internationally 72 cities/22 countries. Appearances on 370 local TV stations over a dozen national TV shows. 1990 ESPN created a 30 minute special detailing how Ty created and grew the sport of Freestyle dunking. Due to popularity of the segment, it aired more times than any ESPN segment.

Adapted show for multi-year contracts with theme parks around the world; Germany, Italy, South Korea, Malaysia, including 3 Sea World's for 3 years. February 15, the United States Freestyle Dunking Championships will take place in Memphis, TN; celebrating the 40 year anniversary since Cobb created the sport.

1998, using his experience from entertainment industry, began focusing efforts toward a more effective urban youth community center. 2004 created the first "Escape Room" for teaching youth in the United States. Developed software app to gamify team building events. Over 100,000 participants and still going... Just opened newest facility. 35,000 square feet in an old factory on Hwy 64 east of Memphis. (Can see photos and video of new facility at )

We need new strategies to Fire-UP urban youth that have lost hope. The STEP approach: Student Trainers, Entertaining, Patterns. Hiring High School Students to train younger peer students creates the opportunity to train and inspire exponentially larger number of students. Training Sessions must be entertaining, using experiential missions instead of the traditional lecture. Patterns are studied through a mobile device app to learn which lessons are the most effective. Data is stored in a portfolio for each student which will assist them in getting jobs. A New Memphis Fellows team did a study confirmed employers want to see this info.

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