Radio Show: Family Safety Center

The Family Safety Center is one location that effectively combines civil, criminal, health and social services for victims of family violence.

By co-locating the services of our partner agencies in one location, Family Safety Center is able to better serve the hurting families of Memphis and Shelby County who are caught up in the trauma of domestic violence. We provide assistance to the victims and help them navigate through the many services available to them. Ultimately, we strive to reduce incidents of domestic violence and strengthen families in Memphis and Shelby County.

  • What is elder abuse?
  • What types of elder abuse cases do you see and is it possible for one person to suffer from various forms of abuse (answer is yes).
  • Warning signs? What should people look for.
  • You are currently scheduling some training sessions to educate the general public. Is this for people who work with older adults, like healthcare, or is it open to other businesses.
  • What does the training consist of. How long is it?
  • Can an organization arrange to have you come to their place of employment?
  • What if I have elderly parents under someone else's care, can I attend the training?

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