Nashville Radio Show: Magnet Schools Assistance Program

We believe that all students are talented but not all students have opportunity. As such, the Metro Nashville MSAP (Magnet Schools Assistance Program) team is primarily in the opportunity business.

Magnet Schools work to provide families with high quality education by giving them choices in how their student learns and develops. Magnet Schools help everyone win. Parents win because their kids get a great education. The Community wins because property values go up and remain stable. Businesses win because their employees don’t have to move an hour out of town for their kids to go to school AND because their future employees are being prepared with the skills they will need to succeed. But most importantly students win because they receive the knowledge and confidence needed to pursue their dreams and passions.

100 people move to Nashville every day. This is still the “IT” city for all kinds of businesses and industry. It’s about time we worked to make sure that an IT type of city has plenty of IT schools. Magnet is a key piece of that question because it not only allows for parents to have choice, it also organically diversifies our schools because themes like Art and STEM and Entrepreneurship appeal to families of all races, backgrounds, and income levels. What they all have in common is a desire for their students have opportunity Visit and check out our schools and get information on how to take a tour and see for yourself what it’s all about!

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