Radio Show: Visions of Wundher

Be bold, luminous and BRIGHT in 2020 as we design a life filled with clarity, purpose, and joy at VISIONS OF WUNDHER -

Sat, Jan 18, 2020 - 11 AM at Railgarten (2166 Central Ave)

About this Event

Our sentiments exactly! Inviting ALL GoalGetters and GoalFriends to be bold and bright this new year as we design a life filled with clarity, purpose and joy. Whether you refer to your canvas as a dream, future or vision is a visual expression of the best version of YOU. So, if your 2020 is so bright that it's blinding - then this PARTAAY is for YOU!

Join us for a captivating VISIONS OF WUNDHER: Vision Board Launch Party and together, let's walk into 2020 with the clarity to design a vividly #BrightFuture!!! Come see how we boldly transform Railgarten into an Instagram-worthy color explosion, enjoy a delightful brunch and mimosas, and connect with those who have luminous 'visions of wundher' for 2020!


  • Brunch & Mingle
  • Wundher Woman Panel
  • How-To Canvas Your Vision

#BrightFuture SHINE!


Having a 2020 that is blindingly bright is only $75! This investment in your future comes with all your vision board supplies, delicious brunch, bottomless mimosas, and more!

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