Radio Show: Healing Hearts Child Advocacy Center

Healing Hearts Child Advocacy Center's mission is to respond to child abuse with a supportive team approach that reduces trauma through advocacy, treatment, education and prevention.

Family advocates play a critical role in in all child abuse cases referred to Healing Hearts Child Advocacy Center to ensure children are receiving trauma-informed, evidence-based services and other resources they and their families need. A family advocate knows their communities and all the resources to assist families from the beginning of an allegation through the case closure and beyond. Additionally, they often provide support services/referrals, crisis intervention, trauma specific assessments, resources and any other services the family may need.

  • Area we serve
  • Timeline of opening and growth including services we offer
  • Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Child Abuse Cases
  • Multidisciplinary Team Partners
  • Trends - national stats/local stats, human trafficking, internet crimes
  • Training's offered
  • Fundraisers - National Child Abuse Awareness Month (April), Pinwheel
  • Gardens, Aim to Heal Hearts, Race to Heal Hearts, Golf Tournament
  • Ways to Help

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