Nashville Radio Show: The EIC at Williamson County Schools

The Williamson County Schools Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center – eic@wcs – is a dynamic hub for student creativity, passion, and drive, helping them transform great ideas into thriving businesses. The Catalyst Network is a group of business leaders, mentors, and entrepreneurs who partner with EIC leadership to bring the EIC vision to life.

The EIC is a catalyst. From the space where students work to the connections made here, the EIC sparks new ideas and infuses energy.

The Catalyst Network is a nonprofit organization designed to provide support and make connections through the EIC that transform lives. We provide opportunities for WCS high school students to explore the world of entrepreneurship and innovation.

We partner with Williamson County Schools in support of students who want to:

  • Start a business
  • Develop a product
  • Provide a service

We are thinking big because we know our students have the potential to do great things.

Listen and experience a bigger picture of possibilities.

  • History of the EIC (WCS perspective and Catalyst Network involvement)
  • Structure of the EIC (classes, students, etc.)
  • Benefits of the EIC
  • Our unique public-private partnership
  • Ways to become involved at the EIC (volunteering as a mentor or guest speaker, sponsorship opportunities, etc.)

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