Radio Show: Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

Founded in 1952, Le Bonheur Children's is the first and only comprehensive medical facility for kids in the Memphis region. 

  • Vision 30/30 - outlines 30 goals for the hospital to accomplish by 2030.
  • Have Michael discuss his focus areas.
  • What he has learned about the culture / and people in the community who engage and support Le Bonheur
  • Collaborations with UT / St. Jude.
  • National Reputation of Le Bonheur

Le Bonheur Recent Announcements:

  • Pediatric Dental Clinic opened - partnership with UTHSC and Delta Dental
  • Launched the Infantile Epilepsy Center - only center in the southeast Broke ground on Le Bonheur Green
  • Announced Heart Institute Expansion
  • Partnership with Shelby Co. school, Urban Child Institute school health pilot program

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