The SPARK: Empowering Women to Lead

There’s power in collaboration, especially for women. Research shows that women benefit more from collaboration over competition. Study after study also shows women who support women are more successful in business. When you look at the demographics, there are more women than men in Shelby County and the Mid-South with only about 91 men to every 100 women. So, when we look at the future of our city, the leadership structure, the programs and services offered and needed, women are the powerhouses that will be leading the way and driving positive change. That’s why the work that Hutchison School is doing to educate girls and give them the confidence to lead is so important; just like the work that the Memphis Area Women’s Council is doing in advocacy and NAWBO Memphis is doing to support women business owners and entrepreneurs. The more we can empower and help our girls and women, the more they will power the GOOD for the benefit of all. 

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