Nashville Radio Show: SweatNET, Nashville & Denver

SweatNET is for everyone. We don’t care if you can’t do a pushup or if you can do 500. Your health is important to us and you are family at any SweatNET affiliated studio or event.

  • What is SweatNET? Membership based platform that gives incentives for leading a healthy lifestyle. We partner with 130+ local wellness businesses to include gyms/studios, healthy restaurants, spas, saunas, float and stretch therapy, meal prep companies and more to provide you with exclusive SweatNET discounts!
  • Free community events- We host 4-6 free member events every month! These events are hosted with our studio partners to help promote them while decreasing the intimation factor in trying a new studio.
  • Health and wellness is not one size fits all, therefore we encompass as aspects of health. Along with our other offerings, we provide streamed mediations, a full recipe library and blog posts written by local wellness professionals.

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