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SRVS - Our mission is to provide the services that people with disabilities need to live meaningful lives as members of their community.

2020 Campaign for $15 Per Hour DSP Wage  

• Tennesseans with intellectual and developmental disabilities are at risk of long-term disruption in the delivery of critical, life sustaining supports because direct care workers are increasingly being lured away to higher-paying jobs.

 • It is therefore crucial to find a longer term solution to the direct support professional (DSP) hiring crisis through stable, adequate funding that helps secure a healthy, meaningful and fulfilled future for Tennesseans with disabilities. 

• SRVS and its fellow Tennessee Community Organizations (TNCO) member agencies believe that DSPs need and deserve a minimum of $15 per hour as competitive compensation for the high level of specialization and responsibility their positions require and their irreplaceable role in delivering continuity of care.

• TNCO research has validated that the rate increase to an average $10 an hour wage had the effect of reducing turnover by approximately 10%across a statewide sample of 40 provider agencies. While this is a positive outcome, we cannot stop here. This is proof that any additional monetary increases per hour for DSPs will have a much needed and similar result of reducing staff turnover. 

• Today TNCO's members continue to experience exceptionally high turnover rates. This hiring and wage crisis results in an unstable workforce with serious potential long term consequences for the care of thousands of the state's most vulnerable citizens. • Tennessee Community Organizations (TNCO) is a statewide association comprised of nearly 60 community agencies, including SRVS, who provide an array of support services to about 10,000 Tennesseans with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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