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About the Common Table Health Alliance: (CTHA) is a community-based, non-profit, regional health and healthcare improvement collaborative serving Memphis, Shelby County, and the MidSouth region.  

Memphis Breast Cancer Consortium Breast Cancer in our area What we can do to help others.

The Memphis Breast Cancer Consortium (MBCC) is a Common Table Health Alliance (CTHA) community partnership whose purpose is to bring together organizations and individuals committed to the fight against breast cancer inequalities in Memphis and Shelby County.  In 2016, the AVON Breast Cancer Crusade provided seed funding to form the MBCC.  CTHA is the administrative home of the Memphis Breast Cancer Consortium.  We are engaging individuals, funding partners and policy makers to the following areas: Awareness, Access to Care, Patient Services, Community-facing Events, Treatment, Quality of Care, Data Sharing, and Quality Improvement. 

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