Radio Show: The Arc Mid-South

Everyone wants, and deserves, to enjoy life, feel productive and secure. But in March, The Arc Mid-South takes  extra steps to raise awareness about the support and rights of the people with disabilities and to celebrate their contributions to our communities and society as a whole!  

During the month of March The Arc Mid-South holds a series of activities directed toward increasing public awareness of the contributions and the potential of Americans with disabilities.

• Job readiness workshop -This 2-day event assists high school juniors and seniors with disabilities in exploring opportunities available after high school.  This includes breakout sessions on job search, interviewing, resume writing, and post-secondary education options.

• Self-Advocacy Brunch - Informative Brunch will feature (4) individuals who tell their story and explain how they advocate for themselves and others in their everyday lives. Created to educate, inform, and raise awareness about how you can become a disability self-advocate.

• "Hoops from the Heart" Wheelchair Basketball Tournament. Initially,wheelchair basketball was created as a recreational activity for veterans in hospitals to enjoy while going through rehabilitation,  However The Arc Mid- South's Wheelchair basketball has evolved into our signature sporting event, wrapping up National Disability Awareness Month ....To increase awareness of individual with different abilities. 

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