Nashville Radio Show: Hip Hues

Hip Hues is an EXPERIENCE. MOBILE SWAG BARS are a great addition to corporate events, grand openings, team builders, kids parties, bachelorette parties, camps, family reunions, and more!

  • What we do - we set up Swag Bars at events. It's interactive because people print their gift/swag themselves, and it's custom because we bring fun and branded designs that are unique to each event and people get to select their favorite color/design combinations!
  • Why Hip Hues is unique - we've merged art and business! I like to call what we do a 'photo booth on steroids' because it's both an event experience as well as that branded gift/takeaway/swag that people are ordering for events anyway. So we're really 2-in-1 and we make it really easy to do event t-shirts in particular because we always bring way more shirts than needed in all sizes so event organizers don't have to collect sizes ahead of time or worry about running out of certain sizes on-site. And, we've done every event type you can think of from corporate events like grand openings and client appreciation parties to convention after-parties, birthdays, weddings, family reunions, and more.
  • Branding/PR/Experiential/Grassroots Marketing - we are not only event entertainment or swag, but we are also part of building up other brands and events. Because people wear around and use their shirts/totes/etc. that they printed with us, then they become walking advertisements and brand ambassadors! We see our shirts not only all over Nashville, but we've seen them in other cities and airports too! So fun.
  • Local business/women-owned business - it's important for us to be part of our communities by supporting other local businesses and non-profits. Our mission is to provide a unique, fun and branded event experience but our vision is to be a part of our communities and be 'brand ambassadors' for other local brands. To that end, we do a free quarterly event for organizations and non-profits to give back and help them elevate their own awareness/branding/etc.
  • We travel for events - both regionally and nationwide - because what we do is so unique, fun and special that groups want us back!

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