Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It’s 2017 and our chance for a fresh start to accomplish our personal and professional goals and to realize our dreams. I pray this New Year brings you and your family good health and great prosperity, along with much joy, love and peace. I also hope that each of us are filled with the strength and bravery to face the adversities that will come our way; and that as we overcome these challenges we become stronger and more resilient in the process.


Every New Year brings new opportunities, but rarely are these special moments and chances to grow easy or provided in plain sight. They’re the result of hard work, effort, and countless hours of practice. Just as much, they’re the result of a positive attitude – a confident, hopeful belief in yourself and the outward encouragement for others that draws them closer and allows you to accomplish more together as a team. When someone says it’s “easy” that means they’ve put in the time to master their craft and that they have a positive outlook, not only on the process but on the end result, as well. So, my last hope for this new year is that we find the inspiration and dedication to master our crafts and that we remain positive and uplifting with our attitudes, so we can help each of us get that much closer to realizing our dreams.


Today, we ride high with new possibilities and a new set of resolutions. This is the perfect time to sit down with your loved ones, especially your spouse or significant other and your children, exploring their ambitions and thoughts for the year ahead. Discuss the places you’d like to visit, where you might like to go on vacation, something new you each want to try, a new restaurant or food to taste, and a new skill you’d like to learn.  The more ideas the better; and as you’re talking and sharing, write all of the ideas down, so that you end up with a fun list of memories you can create together and check off as the year rolls along.


The older I get, the seemingly quicker time flies by, so take this day to do some soul searching, to bond with your loved ones, and come up with a check list of goals and fun things to do together. That way, you’ll stay on course and create countless memories to cherish from 2017!



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