Radio Show: RE+NEW+ALL Candle

Each year thousands of women are reported as victims of human trafficking. For the women who escape trafficking, the road to restoration is long and hard. One of the most difficult aspects of their journey is finding meaningful employment in a safe environment.    At RE + NEW + ALL, our mission is to provide that solution. 

  • Human Trafficking in the US - What is RE+NEW+ALL Candle is doing about it and how we are using artisanal candle making to make a difference in the lives of survivors and the community around us. 
  • The recent loss of our candle studio due to the severe storms that hit January 11th and the community efforts to help us rebuild - How people can purchase candles and support the mission

Anything that sparks your interest and that you want to know about the work we do to provide job opportunities to women survivors of human trafficking

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