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Quickcuts Media produces B2B, LMS content, corporate cultural stories and marketing materials for both For Profit and Not For Profit corporations. The need for media is ever growing, you need a production partner to guide you from script to delivery.

What are you missing by not producing video?  

  • What opportunities may be lost -
  • Could be marketing to clients/potential clients
  • Training for new hires / retention of current employees - what does it cost to replace an employee? If you trained them and they stayed, or you reduce your turnover rate by XX percentage, then it's worth pursuing a robust training curriculum, and in those cases, video is a must.  Clients: Nissan, Firehouse Subs, Bobcat, Meiko, iScribe Health.

What prohibits you from producing media?

  • Cost involved? Time involved.
  • don't know the process
  • Don't see ROI? maybe need to look at your current media approach and adjust.
  • Shorter is better, but only if your point is still made.  Some ideas take a bit of time to explain, so break it down, singular topic.  Big bloggers/podcasts break points down so you can have one take away.
  • trend, quicker/shorter is better - but... quality has to still be better than the rest.  Some companies can mix really good media in with iPhone "shot in the office" media and get away with it.  (if there are a lot of people in one space - viewers will gravitate to the better information and better-quality production - (it's not a promise - but it's a general statement)
  • Not a trend but could be - short "about me" (:30 - :60 secs) for LinkedIn, Instagram, FB platforms. People like to put a face with a name and see/hear them.

A few clients that are ramping up more production: iScribe Health - Local company, see value in on-going media production, we're an extension of their team, Bobcat - serving 650 dealers nationwide with ongoing internal media needs filmed in the field, in our studio, etc.

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