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Just open a little over 1.5 years,  Sundara Wellness is a collective of integrative healthcare specialists from many disciplines,  who share a vision to offer complete and collaborative care for all.  We focus on integrating every aspect of your wellness through a holistic, personalized, and preventative approach. We are bringing Memphis something unique in the world of wellness. We have 20 practitioners under the same roof in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Primary Health, Mental health, Nutrition, Therapeutic exercise/Pilates/yoga, and growing!

Acupuncture and Pain Management: Since beginning my practice in 2008 I have been specializing in pain management, sports injuries/orthopedics and have helped many people with Acupuncture and Herbal medicine. Since January 2019, as part of the response of the opioid crisis, insurance companies around the country added Acupuncture as a covered service for pain management. Thankfully, I have been able to grow our pain management department to help more people that would not otherwise have given Acupuncture a try.  At Sundara, we collaboratively treat our patients with Acupuncture, Physical Therapy,  Chiropractic care, and massage.  When a patient comes to one practitioner they have access to all of us.

Over the past decade, many hospitals around the country have incorporated Acupuncture as a modality in their integrative medicine departments,  we at Sundara would like to further foster an integrative relationship with other medical professionals in the Memphis area.  I would like to open a conversation with the Memphis medical community regarding working collaboratively in the area of integrative medicine, in order to provide customized patient-centered  

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