Radio Show: Memphis Reprographics

Chris McNally, Owner and CEO of Memphis Reprographics, has created a coloring book featuring Memphis landmarks and is giving it away for free. His family is a huge fan of Memphis, so when the shelter in place mandate occurred, Chris and his wife wanted to find ways to keep their son's imagination engaged. As his son remembered his favorite places by drawing them, the family decided that a Memphis architecture coloring book would provide an opportunity for Memphis lovers to immerse themselves in creativity and color and remember all the great places in the city! 

Memphis Reprographics has extensive printing capabilities, so Chris went to work developing the coloring book. He has made it free for all to download and will even print them in large quantities for nonprofits! Listen in to hear this story and how Memphis Reprographics works with the construction industry to help change the Memphis landscape through technology and development.

  • About Reprographics
  • Technology in construction documentation
  • How document management serves the construction industry
  • Corporate Philanthropy
  • Memphis Coloring Book

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