Radio Show: Operation Broken Silence

Operation Broken Silence is a nonprofit organization leading a global movement for peace and justice in Sudan through innovative programs.

OBS is a nonprofit made up of passionate and creative problem-solvers who believe that the world needs a radically different approach in fighting genocide. And they're building a global movement to do just that in Sudan.

The world's approach to fighting genocide over the past several decades has relied entirely on governments and international institutions. While they believe these entities have a role to play in preventing and ending genocide, there's a huge problem with this approach: 99% of humanity is left on the sidelines.

Operation Broken Silence is on a mission to change this. Their approach is to get people off of the sidelines and provide them ways to help that have a real impact. OBS create stunning documentary films, short videos, and photography that inspires people around the world to join our movement. Their movement then fundraises for on-the-ground programs that rescue and empower Sudanese communities and advocates for governments to do their part in helping the Sudanese people.

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Guest: Mark Hackett, Executive Director of Operation Broken Silence


Learn more about Operation Broken Silence by watching this feature from Choose901 below:



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