Radio Show: The Episcopal Diocese of West TN

Bishop Phoebe Roaf became the bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee in May 2019. This first year has brought many challenges including COVID-19. Bishop Roaf shares how she has been encouraged by her congregation, "The creativity to see so many of my congregations start live streaming for the first time ever. Some of them are using Facebook live and some of them are videotaping. So to see the creativity and to see people finding new ways to remain connected. What we've been emphasizing as the Episcopal diocese is that we may be physically separated, but that doesn't mean that we are emotionally distant or psychologically distant. We're still connected in all of those ways." Bishop Roaf has also seeks comfort in the Psalms. "I love those wonderful words that are written in such an honest fashion."

1. Serving in a time of physical distancing 

2. Work/life balance when all aspects of life are intersecting simultaneously 

3. I have been working with an ecumenical and interfaith group of faith leaders convened by Church Health to provide assistance to people who test positive to COVID 19

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